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2019 Results
Public Satisfation Survey & CQC

Individual Authority results for all elements of the NHT; Public Satisfaction Survey, Online Surveys, CQC Efficiency Network and the Performance Management Framework (PMF) are by way of the members secure online reporting site.

Please click here to be directed to the members site.

NHT Public Satisfaction Survey

This year we saw over 406,000 questionnaires sent out for the 110 Authorities across the country.  Finding of the results can be found in the Executive Summary which is available by clicking the document to the right had side with highlights shown below.

CQC Efficiency Network

Efficiencies and savings have been measured for the 91 members of the network for this year.  Findings of this years analysis can be found in the executive summary which can be download by clicking the document on the right had side with highlights listed below.

CQC Executive Summary Download
Survey Executive Summary Download

2019 Key Headlines

Public Satisfaction Survey:

  • Satisfaction with Condition of Highways (KBI23) has seen the biggest increase  (up by 5%)
  • Highways Maintenance BI  averages are up generally up this year, 16 of the 20 BIs are showing an increase in satisfaction
  • 43% of KBI's have seen an increase compared to last year
  • Over 50% of the authorities have seen their overall satisfaction scores KBKI01 & KBI02) improve this year

CQC Efficiency Network

  • £124.9million saved by the network in 2018/19
  • £382.6million saved by the network since 2013/14
  • 13.5% Efficiency Improvement recorded across the Network as a whole
  • Best Performing members have continued to improve

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