NHT Case Study

Lancashire County Council

The Brief

Working with NHT since 2016, in 2019 Lancashire County Council were receiving poor public perception of the pothole repairs by the Council.
They used a communications campaign to research, present and communicate findings and data. This was primarily to communicate the improvement of pothole repair to the local area as well as improve public perception of pothole repairs.

In addition, the data the survey was conducted to –

• Achieve greater public awareness of the service delivery
• Manage public expectations of service deliverables
• Improving public satisfaction
• Increases reporting online
• Highlight the good work the highways maintenance teams are doing throughout the county
• Raise awareness of the public’s own role in reporting potholes online using Report It
• Encourage residents to complete the NHT survey

What did you do in response to the brief?

Collating data is all good and well, but having data is primarily just performance reporting unless something happens as a result.
Lancashire used the NHT Survey results to identify the lowest scoring public perception results with regards to potholes and then communicate these results accordingly. These were primarily –

• How it deals with potholes and damaged roads
• The speed of repair to damaged roads/pavements
• The condition of road surfaces

The CC ran social media postings, media press releases and paid for campaigns on and offline to increase its exposure as well as dedicated pages on ‘Report It’ site.

What happened as a result?

This survey meant that Lancashire CC were able to cut the data in many different ways allowing comparison with peer groups as well as different districts within the County.

The survey highlighted a large increase in satisfaction levels :

• 12% increase on condition of highways
• 4% on highway maintenance generally)

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