NHT CQC Report Descriptions

NHT CQC Benchmarking Reports and  Report Descriptions

These reports should be provided to your representatives who are considering the VFM of highway maintenance and asset management (carriageways in particular) at regional alliances, benchmarking / improvement groups. These reports might be used by those representatives to identify the exemplar authorities that you might speak with to identify how you can improve.

The VFM comparisons made with other authorities sought as part of any audit are often made with a cohort of authorities established on the basis of attributes such as population and/or how the authority is constituted. These comparisons can be made in respect to the VFM being achieved in carriageway maintenance across any such cohort using the self-selection report.

However, comparisons made on conventional basis may not be like for like given your Highway attributes. Consequently, the CQC Comparison Group might be used by the Director, Assistant Directors and Heads of Service with responsibility for highway maintenance as part of their response to an audit of the VFM being achieved in respect to carriageway maintenance, as the comparisons here are made between you and a cohort of authorities that have been identified on the basis of attributes that are related to the delivery of highways services.

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