Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Additional NHT online surveys

NHT on-line surveys are simple electronic surveys that are completed online.  The questions are based on questions in the NHT Public Satisfaction Survey and allow your authority to canvas opinion of difference audiences.  Your results remain private  to your authority and are by way on a online portal.  Standard reports are provided to analyse your results and compare them with your NHT Survey results this year.

How it works:  Simply select the Surveys you want to use and you will be provided with a URL link for each of the selected survey.  You then offer access to your chosen surveys by publishing these links in emails, on your website, on social media etc.  It is entirely up to you when and where to publish the links and how long you make them available for .

A secure online portal is provided for you to access your responses and standard reporting option to analyse and compare your results.  You can run the reports whenever you want, and they will always reflect the lasted position and compare your online survey results with your NHT Public Satisfaction Results.


Surveys Available:

  • Public Representatives
  • Business Users
  • Individual Theme Surveys:

-  Accessibility

-  Public Transport

-  Walking & Cycling

-  Road Safety

-  Tackling Congestion

-  Highway Maintenance

-  Authority Bespoke Surveys

What is the Online Surveys?

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    Surveys Availalbe

    8 standard online surveys are available to authorities, allowing them to gather feedback throughout the year from a variety of different user groups .  Bespoke surveys are also an option.


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    Dynamic Reporting

    Reporting is available via a secure online portal, as well as seeing the results to the individual survey it and allows an authority to compare results agains that of the NHT Public Satisfaction Survey.

  • Simple to Use

    You will be provided individual URLs to each of the online surveys you have chosen.  These can then be used however you want, for example : embedded within emails or electronic newsletters, posted on website or social media.

  • Flexibile

    You can use your chosen survey/s for as long or as short as you like.  The links are valid from time of purchase until Feb and can used to gather continual feedback or used for defined periods of time to gather feedback on specific schemes.



Different Survey's Avaialbe


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