What you can do with your Public Satisfaction Survey Data

The data from the NHT PSS has many uses and the suite of reports available on the NHT website are tailored accordingly. NHT PSS can be used to highlight the key aspects of how the Council’s Highways and Transportation Services are performing in the eyes of the public, this when discussing service performance and developing policy with Senior Colleagues and the Portfolio Holder.  The in depth understanding that NHT PSS provides can help embed a customer focus as part of the authority’s highway and transportation strategies.

The analysis provided through the NHT PSS reporting provides context to any request for service or complaint, the individual’s view on the performance of the service can be considered within the wider customer view.

The NHT PSS data should be investigated to help develop and monitor the service’s strategies and plans and evidence performance against customer focused objectives. The knowledge gained can also inform decisions on the allocation of budget across Highways and Transportation services and mandate the case investing in these services based on what the public see as most important, are least satisfied with and see as a priority for Council spending.

The benchmarking done will help identify where your authority might contribute to the Sector as an exemplary authority or identify the exemplar authorities that you might speak with to see how you can improve. NHT PSS gives you an in-depth understanding of the Council’s performance against customer-focused objectives, helping you understand your improvement journey from the perspective of the people that the Council serves.

The mapping provided can be investigated by those developing Highways and Transportation Policy, or designing service delivery, to aid their understanding of how public opinion may vary between authorities as well as across the administrative area of the Council. The Active Travel and Public Transport Analysis should be of particular interest to those developing Local Transport Plans and associated policy.

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