CQC Efficiency Network

CQC Efficiency Network

A better way of benchmarking

Different from traditional methods of benchmarking, the CQC Efficiency Network benchmarks the cost of carriageway maintenance in local authority area on a like for like basis.

How is CQC Different

CQC provides a better like for like comparison of cost between authorities than have been previously possible, it does this using established but advanced statistical techniques in order to:

  • Adjust authority's costs before they are compared to allow for differences in network size and composition, traffic volume, input prices (wages), road condition and public satisfaction.
  • Make allowances for the effects of changes in the level of investment on the network by adjusting for the resultant impact on both road condition and public satisfaction (to avoid penalising authorities in the analysis when they are investing in their network).

Institute for Transport Studies

The CQC analysis is undertaken by the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds who are a leading transport research centre worldwide.  They deliver internationally excellent research outputs, which impact upon transport policy and practice, and contribute to the wider economy and society.  They are experts in benchmarking of firms and governmental organisations and have a substantive track record of undertaking benchmarking studies across road, railways and airport sectors.

The NHT Network has been developing CQC since 2009 via an HMEP funded project and has been a subscription service since 2015. CQC is referenced in Question 15 of DfT's Incentive Fund Self-assessment process.

Note: Members are bound by a mutual non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement, which protects the interests of all parties and preserves the anonymity of the results.

It gives participating Authorities:

  • An annual efficiency assessment, quantifying achieved savings.
  • Access to the best performers and the opportunity to learn from the good practice of others
  • Full transparency of data in a secure members area for benchmarking purposes
  • Access to the NHT Performance Management Framework

Why do i need CQC?

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    Annual Assessment

    The CQC Efficiency Network provides members with an annual assessment of their efficiency, using CQC methodology, focusing on carriageway maintenance expenditure. 

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    Monetised Savings

    The analysis allows us to quantify an authority's improvement in £'s.  This is how much an authority has saved through the adoption of more efficient practices compared to 2013/14

  • Benchmarking

    By using adjustments to bring all authorities to a common basis (same network size, same traffic, same condition etc) it allows any authority to compare themselves with any other authority on an equivalent basis.

  • Sharing Practice

    The CQC Efficiency Network provides opportunities to meet and share experiences on a regional and national basis.



No. of Authorities Participating 2019


% Improvment across the Network


£million Saved since 2013/14

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