Performance Management Framework

Measuring Performance

NHT Performance Management Framework (PMF) in response to the requirements of the DfT Self-assessments by a group of twelve Authorities led by Jon Munlsow of South Gloucestershire Council.

The Framework follows HMEP Asset Management Guidance and the New Code of Practice.

The Framework is available as a benchmarking tool with annual measures as part of an authorities CQC Membership and also as an internal system with your own internal targets and more regular monitoring and reporting.

Recognised by DfT:  Steve Berry OBE, Head, Highways Maintenance, Innovation, Resilience, Light Rail and Cableways, commented:

"Question 3 within the self-assessment of the Local Highways Maintenance Incentive Fund highlights the importance of each highway authority possessing a performance management framework.

Such a Framework is also recommended within Well Managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice and associated documents. Having and using a framework is fundamental to support the implementation of an asset management strategy and can be used to measure performance and continuous improvement in rental.  It can also be applied to help demonstrate that investment is being used in the most efficient and effective way to help deliver value for money for the taxpayer.

I am please the NHT have developed a system to assist authorities and would encourage authorities to contact NHT For further information as the system they have developed can be used to help authorities assess their own performance internally and also externally to benchmark performance with others"

It gives participating Authorities:

  • A standard performance management framework
  • A measurement hierarchy to highlight strengths and weaknesses, and good and bad performance
  • A means of measuring improvement and targeting corrective action
  • A standard set of measures that provide a basis for benchmarking performance with others

What is the Performance Management Framework?

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    Standard Measures

    A standard set of national measures across 9 Asset Types: Carriageways, Footways, Cycleways, Rights of Way, Drainage, Green Infrastructures, ITS Infrastructures, Street lighting and Structures.

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    Measurement Hierarchy

    The performance measure in the framework are positioned in a measurement hierarchy to allow aggregation of performance at any level and and overall assessment of performance at each level.

  • Benchmarking

    As part of an authorities CQC Membership they access to the national set of annual measures.  This allows authorities to benchmark their own performance against all other network members, nationally, regionally in their peer group or alliance. 

  • Reporting

    Both the internal and benchmarking framework uses methodology to all measures of all types to be aggregated to show performance at any level: Corporate Goals, Asset Type, Management Level etc.



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