Public Satisfaction Survey

Measuring Public Satisfaction

The NHT Public Satisfaction Survey collects public perspectives on, and satisfaction with, Highway and Transport Services in Local Authority areas. It is a unique, standardised, collaboration between Highway Authorities across the UK enabling comparison, knowledge sharing, and the potential to improve efficiencies by the sharing of good practice.

Over four million households have been sent a copy of the NHT Survey since it was first launched in 2008 and over 912,000 members of the public have responded to date.

A total of one hundred and thirty-nine Authorities have taken part in the survey over the past eleven years, twenty-eight County councils, eleven London Boroughs, thirty-three Metropolitan Boroughs and sixty-seven Unitary Authorities, nine of which were Scottish and a further six were Welsh.

The NHT Survey is referenced in Question 12 of DfT's Incentive Fund Self-assessment process.

It gives participating Authorities:

  • A better understanding of how they are performing in the eyes of their public
  • A consistent datum for setting service levels and a means of measuring the impact of service improvements
  • Access to the best performers and the opportunity to learn from the good practice of others
  • Full transparency of data in a secure members area for benchmarking purposes

Why do I need the Survey?

  • public-satisfaction-1

    Cost Effective

    It exploits the full benefits of scale, using a standard questionnaire to minimise print costs and spreads all other fixed costs amongst participants.

  • public-satisfaction-2

    High Added Value

    It provides comprehensive analysis of results by Authority & comparisons between Authorities, on a peer group or regional basis. All reports are also accessible via this web site.

  • Easy to Participate

    All the development work has been done already, once you sign up the work to conduct the survey is done for you. 

  • Peace of Mind

    The NHT Survey is tried and tested and is now in its tenth year with over 130 highway authorities having taken part. 



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